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Hi! I have Pentium Dual-Core E5200 @ 2.50GHz and Ati Radeon HD4670. I play quake live and no matter what settings I put, I stutter a bit every half seconds which is enough to ruin whole experience. It is a handicap and I am not competitive. If i lower settings then i get some benefits but not enough. For example in Linux the level in game is drawn nicely and smoothly but enemy and friend models warp hard so its hard to hit them and predict them and i miss alot eazy shots. In windows I feel like i hit a little bit more but the whole game is not smooth. I also put everything to performance in catalyst. Do you know what's the problem?
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  1. Your CPU/GPU setup is outdated. If I were you, I would upgrade the PC, personally. Your CPU is not enough to really keep up with a modern graphics card, and your graphics card is really not enough to keep up with a newer CPU.

    If you were going to upgrade what kind of budget are you dealing with?
  2. Quake live is browser based and has low system requirements. I think you should be fine. Have you tried different browsers and is your web link fast enough with low lag?
  3. Hi and thanx for reply. I play quake in qlprism and there I get "best result". I tried firefox and i think game seems smoother but it felt like it didn't register my shots like prism. I think you can't use chrome in linux so i didnt try. Anyway I was not satisfied and im sure something is very wrong in my comp because i take way too much damage and give minimum. I also tried msikombustor in XP and there i get same result no matter what resolution - that rotating image stutters like two times in second and i hear hdd buzz at the same time. If it is a CPU problem then I would like to buy one that can support my 4670 for quake because I love that game, thats all. By the way everything else like torrents and youtube and internet is realy fine, I don't have problems.
  4. does the game have a way to view your ping/latency? High latency can cause issues.

    Unfortunately with the system you have you are looking at essentially a brand new whole computer. Not much is going to be salvageable for upgrades.
  5. you could upgrade to a core 2 quad cpu and from 4670 to 7750. this should improve the performance
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