When running Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB on Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard + i7-3770K 3.50GHz using XMP hangs my system

Hi everyone,

My first post so apologies for any possible ommisions. Here's what I have:

Latest bios on Mobo (P8Z77-V BIOS 1805) and everything pretty much left on default. When I use the memory without any tinkering (all on auto) discovers it at 1333 and works like a charm. When I use built in AI tool it overclockes it to 1373.6 according to CPU-Z and again works like a charm. Tested on Prime95 for over 1 hr (I know, not long at all ;-) ) but again - no errors.

Then, when I change the timing in Bios from auto to 1600 and start doing anything, usually within 30 min the windows 8 64 hangs with no errors. Just stops responding. I can run some kind of benchmark (3dMark) or checking emial or just leave the computer on and it happens every time. When I leave mem on auto, but turn on the mem profile to XMP - the exact same thing.

After restart there are no errors to find, all checks are negative, there is no sign of the hanging at all (even chkdsk comes back squeky clean) but regardless system is unstable.

At overclocked through AI (both CPU and mem) I can leave the comp for whole day, or work or play for a whole day and all works like a charm..

What to do? Change the memory for some other (someone here recommended G-Skill) or do I really need to just up a voltage on CPU for the Corsair to start working?

Thx for having a look and your thoughts ;-)
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  1. You are doing everything right, I don't really know what is going on... Have you tried contacting Corsair to possibly get a replacement?
  2. No, not yet. I can get a replacement with Amazon with no problems but just thought that maybe I should play with the voltage if I want to go over 1333.. I know there won't be much gain but it is more about principal, got a mem that should work @ 1600 so it should ;-)
  3. You can definitely try going up to 1.65V, but you shouldn't need to.
  4. Hmmmm that defintelly sounds like a case of bad mem. Time to contact Amazon ;-)
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