Radeon 7970 Ghz installation/setup issues ( fan not working out of box, device not recognized).

Put my pc build together last night, seemed to be going swimmingly, until, following OS installation and inserting the graphics card, issues started arising.

Out of the box, the middle of the three fans doesn't work, and the device is only picked up as an 'unknown device'.

I've updated drivers, used all possible combos the 2 available PCIe slots and 4 6+2 PCIe plugs from the PSU (Rosewill Capstone 650w), fooling around w/BIOS to make the PCIe the primary graphics provider, and everything else I can think of.

The busted fan immediately makes me want to RMA. Am I missing any other possible solutions?
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  1. When you say middle fan, I think of 3 fans total which means you probably have a Gigabyte card. It does sound like you have a defective unit as if 2/3 the fans are working you're already looking at a defect, the installation issues most likely accompanying it.

    The installation issues could of course stem from a different issue, but with the fans not working like they should, I would recommend an RMA.
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