GTX 660 Basic VS. GTX 650 TI Boost

I recently read about the 650 TI boost and it looks like an alternative to the 660 on my build list. I don't know that much about the specifications of GPU's, and if someone who knows all the jargon could tell me what everything means and which card is better, that would be nice. Thanks.
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  1. read this,3463.html
    and search Google for reviews of 650tiBoost.
    u dont need to know the "jargon" just see the FPS and read the verdict for the review for now.
    mostly they will all tell u that 660 is about 10-15% faster than the 650tiB but 650tiB costs 170$ and 660 200$ and more.
    and also..... the point is not which card is better vcoz the 660 is clearly better as i said(10-15%) the point is weather u think it is worth the money or not!!
    it is your decision to make...
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