Can you play Battle of Middle Earth on a Mac?

Hi! Me and my friends are very big LotR fans and we have enjoyed LotR: Battle Of Middle Earth. The problem is that i'm the only one with a normal PC. All my friends have a Macbook. Is it possible to download Lotr: Battle Of Middle Earth and install it on our Macbooks? And could we play against each other through the Internet? Any help would be great! Thanks!
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  1. I don't believe there ever was a Mac release for Battle for Middle Earth. Assuming your friends don't have ancient MacBooks using PowerPC processors, your only real option would be to acquire copies of Windows and run a dual boot setup on their MacBooks. They would have to boot into Windows in order to play the game.
  2. @Supernova1138, Do you think that when they've got a copie of Windows running on their Macbooks, it would be possible to play Battle for Middle Earth?
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