Who uses a PC forum with their iphone?

How many people access a PC forum with their iphone, ipad, or anything with a small screen?

Would Pc forums make better use of their advertising and accessibilty by not making their web site compatible with those smaller devices?

Opinions welcome.
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  1. People with broken PCs use there iPhone or iPad to get help here. :)
  2. Good Point.
  3. Also us androiders use the site as well. My eatx system is just too heavy to carry around for forum purposes.
  4. Oh, well, so much for debunking the positive aspects of the small screens :(
  5. I use my phone to access TH when I am away but too lazy to carry my laptop. Also at dinner, in the bathroom, in my bed before sleeping, having s...

    You get the idea.

    It's OK for reading and answering a few questions. But the small screen is a pain for doing moderation work.
  6. The thing that annoys me most is the initial infliction modified web page prior to loading suited for the wider screen. It has happened only a few times on TH but many other sites, even Yahoo do tend to get lost with the so-called plugins. Also happens on windows 7 x32 and Windows 7 x64 (with IE9) and with Firefox (for vista) so its just not a previous versions problem.

    Also, the web page loading adds to the time it takes prior to being able to actually navigate around the site. If a web page takes more than 4 seconds to "load", I just X it.

    I was hoping to make the point that PC forums didn't need to use plugins or modifications for smaller screens but, alas, my point has been downed.
  7. ??
    I don't quite get what you mean.
    TH doesn't have a plug-in for browser.
    It has a mobile site. If phone/tablet browser is detected, the mobile site will load instead. You can turn mobile site off on phone/tablet browser so that the full site loads up instead.
    But it does have an app, if you decide to download it.
  8. "TH doesn't have a plug-in for browser"
    Well, it has something or it did a year or so ago. I'd only get a couple of single column text only, if it happens again, I'll do a capture and post it but it has been quite a while since seeing it happen on TH. It might have been before the app was invented...
  9. That could be it.
  10. could never get to the forums with my ipod. by the time im logged in and im going through someones, thread, i run out of ram and crash. mobile site is useless since i cant get to the forums
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    By the way, just chiming in here - we do have a fully featured, mobile version of the Tom's Hardware forum under development. Mobility is an area we've identified that we could certainly use some improvement in, and we'll be focusing on improving this experience as much as possible. Because like Pyree says, people visit Tom's forums when doing all kinds of things, from their cell phones, tablets, etc.
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