Asus eee pc 701sd still relevent?

Had one of these in 2007 whn they came out but sold it. Recently bought one again for dirt cheap ($70). I updated the bios so it can overclock to 970Mhz when set to super performance and upgraded to 2GB ram.

Here are the current specs:

Celerom m 353 @ 970MHZ ( atom n270 equivalent or better)
2GB ddr2 800mhz
8GB ssd drive + 16GB sdhc
windows xp sp3

Did i make a mistake buying one? It's just for browsing, Microsoft office etc..
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  1. Are you happy with how it's working? If so, not a mistake for you, especially for $70. If you don't use it or it's too slow, then it was a mistake.
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