Which of these 4 Hard Drives is the best one ?

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  1. Of the drives you listed, the only one I'd buy, from a reliability standpoint is the WD Black.
    I NEVER buy a GREEN, BLUE, or red with yellow pokadot drives. Seagate makes some good enterprise drives, but their consumer models are not the best.

    The ONLY two drives I've bought recently are the Samsung F3s - love, but Samsung sold to Seagate - only saving grace is that they are made at the same factory by the same people, and the Western digital Black.

    The hybrid Seagate drive you mentioned, is a 5400 RPM drive, slower than it's smaller 750 drive which is 7200 RPMs. Remember they only have a 8 Gig SSD cache, everything not in the cache is at the slowwwww HDD speed.
    Also seems that they suffer the same reliability issues as other Seagate consumer HDDs.
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