Better CPU + good GPU vs Good CPU + Better GPU?

Hey guys,

As the title suggests, I'm quite in a limited budget here so i need some of your opinions (and possibly what i should do).

The question is, which one do i go with, a high end CPU partnered with a mid-GPU or the opposite:

im choosing between

i5-3470 and a HD 7950
or i5-3570K and a 7870 LE

each pair costs approx. the same, and i cant go with a 3570K + 7950, so which one is better for gaming and no(/small) overclockings. thanks!
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  1. I'd go for the i5 3570K/HD7870LE combination, there's headroom for overclocking the CPU (just add a decent cooler during the build) and the 7870LE is not that much slower than a 7950 (sob).
    The non K CPU's cannot be overclocked BTW.
  2. get i5-3570K and a 7870 LE
  3. how bout if i wont overclock?

    and more on the gaming side?
  4. then i5 3470 + hd 7950
  5. ASHISH65 said:
    then i5 3470 + hd 7950

    if im planning on using it for gaming (until the next few years) do you recommend that i go with the 3570K and just do overclocking?
  6. i5 3570k will last longer due to oc and there is not a big difference between hd 7870le and hd 7950.even i5 k + hd 7870le is good
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