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I watched a few videos on youtube from linustech and picked the hardware from there. I hope the setup is good like that.

1) cooler master storm stryker
2) asrock z77 extreme 4
3) corsair vengeance 16gb pc3-12800u
4) corsair hydro h100i ( replace fans with noctua as listed )
5) ocz max performance psu 850w, 80+ gold
6) msi twinfrozr gtx 660, 2gb
7) WD caviar black 1tb
8) samsung 840 pro 128gb ssd
9) intel I7 3770k
10) noctua nf-p12 -2 units
11) LG blueray burner

Please give suggestions about my setup. Also if u know a really good 24 inch full hd flat screen please leave a comment.

The comp. should be silent, powerful and hopefully last a few years.

Thanks very much in advance.
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  1. Love Linus also (no homo, haha) The build that they do make are awesome and future proof. But expensive, so if you are not really into overclocking just tell us so we can suggest a cheaper and better build or maybe not better but same performance for a cheaper price and still stable.
  2. Hi

    i want to overclock the i7 to about 4.3 Ghz. I was thinking to replace the AR extreme4 with the MSI Z77A-G45 to save a few bucks.

    I actually don't like the CM Storm Stryker that much but the H100i hydro cooler will fit in it.

    Maybe also replace the GTX660 with an ASUS GTX680.

    some thoughts?
  3. 660 or 680? Depends on what you are using it for. I game on one 1080p and crank up the settings and get 60fps with a 660ti, so it is enough for my setup. You are spending a lot on your build. If I were gaming I'd drop the 3770k down to 3570k cuz in gaming there is no real difference. However, if you do a lot of editing then I could justify the i7; but gamers buy i5s cuz it is plenty.

    Second, 8gb of RAM is enough. I never exceed 5gb in games. If you do editing work then 16gb is better but 8gb should suffice for mild work.

    For gaming (real fast, 2ms) Asus monitors are a good buy, however they are TN panels. If you want a good all around monitor (speed and color) then look for 5ms IPS monitors.
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