How to change 32bit to 64bit windows 7?

Im trying to play the sims 3 and i installed it fine but when i click it to play it a message comes up say "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Game\E… is not a valid win32 application" i dont know what this means as i have had the sims 3 on my laptop before and its worked fine. i really need some help from a professional. i have asked the same type of question on yahooanswers but i just get a load of jibberish from people only telling me what a win34 is and i want to know how i can make my computer ok to play the sims 3. Id really like some help!! thank you.
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  1. This generally has nothing to do with your OS being 32-bit or 64-bit.

    Since I know the Sims 3 is definitely compatible with Windows 7 the most likely cause is corrupt files. I'd try un-installing the game completely then restart your computer and re-run the installation.
  2. Corrupted or incomplete download.Did you purchase this game?
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