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Whenever I play games like Combat arms, Maplestory, Allods, Crossfire, etc... (my pc can run all of these) but all of the sudden I get these enormous lag spikes and my frame rate goes from like 35-40 fps down to like 1-5, I restored my pc to factory condition but it's still happening, what could be causing this to happen? Please help
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  1. fps droop in games is often cause by a hardware bottleneck, so listing your specs is a good place to start.
    so may be an unbalanced pc is the culprit. if your cpu or gpu is under powered compared to the other components it will cause fps droop.
    a cpu bound game ( a game thats more limited by the cpu than gpu) will tend to lock up completely for a second or 3 but a gpu bound game that relies heavily on the gfx card and has a light footprint on the cpu will tend to droop the fps if the cpu is struggling to keep up with the fps coming from the card. yours seems to be drooping the fps.
    so first make sure your cpu is running within temps spec and your not getting throttled because its to warm.
    check your cpu usage. if its locked at less than 50% then check your gpu is that is also locked at 50% or less than the game likely needs more cpu threads to release the cpu and gpu to full power. (bf3 bfbc2 typically show this on dual core systems)

    if your cpu and gpu are maxing out and your temps are fine then you need to look at your web connection and the servers your playing on.
    multiplay servers often have lag and bounce because they overpopulate there servers with games so try a different server from a different host.
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