CPU Temps VS Core temps ? Confuesed please help

I have the following running:

Athlon x3 455 @ 3.8ghz

Mobo: 760gm p23( i know shit board)

Have pretty maxed out air cooling, 5 120mm fans@ 1200rpm and applied as5.

What temps should i be looking at when looking for a good overclock?
My cpu temp is higher than the core temps.

In the bios it has the cpu tempurature 15 c higher then that of the core temps.
Amd overdrive, coretemp has the cores 15 c lower than the Cpu tempurature.

What should i trust? The bios' tempurature and control center( Utility w/mobo) which have the same temp reading being higher than core temps or should i trust overdrive, hw monitor, coretemp being 15 c lower?

Please help, as i've been believing the CPU temps and been keeping the cpu temp under 60-62 with lotts of noise from the fan, im talking 5500RPm

All input appreciated, thanks
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  1. Oh yea on idle my core temps read 19.5 c on overdrive and coretemp? Could it actually be that low ?
  2. that board is not good for overclocking do not attempt a high overclock, msi's lower end boards are known for vrm failure or the power delivery to the cpu. If anything max a 300mhz oc lol and thats still pushing it with a $50 board lol

    Software for the K10 series cpus like the phenoms and athlons tend to be 10c off from the actual reading, but temps are good for idle and has room for oc (on a better motherboard)

    i think core temp is each cores temperature lol and the cpu temp is coming from the socket sensor, but id make sure if the software u are using shows the 10c difference known for that cpu line. I know my cpu temps are correct around 20c idle, and my core temps are around 13c idle using HW monitor. My asus AI Suite shows the correct temp as well.

    Take in mind its hard to air cool a cpu to a temp below room temp, and 10-15c is like 45-55f lol so most likely something under 20c is the wrong reading
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