Building my son a gaming pc, any advice on below set up greatly received!

Was thinking of below set up:
Asus P8Z77-V LX with INTEL LGA1155 Core i5 3570k O/C 4.6GHZ with THERMALTAKE CONTAC ULTRA
RADEON HD 7850X - 2GB GDDR5 (option of another one in future maybe)
PATRIOT VIPER 3 VENOM RED DDR3 2133 MHz (2x8gb)(option to add more later)

I have not purchased any items yet, am looking to build with my son as a project and obviously a gaming system for him which will get him through his last couple of schooling years (because that's what all teenagers need apparently!) I am totally new to building systems having always purchased completed systems off the shelf and any advice/places to seek advice and learn how to choose and put the kit together would be greatly appreciated. Plenty of advice on here, it's just knowing what to go with and where to start. Whilst not wanting to waste money for example, is it really worth going for the 2133mhz DDR3 or are the benefits going to be minimal?, likewise a 240gb SSD or smaller, or not at all? Have looked at different motherboards and CPU's and feel fairly happy with the above, any comments welcome though.

Thanks for any help you can throw my way!!
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  1. ditch the ultra fast RAM for 1600MHz . 2 x4 gig is more than enough for any game

    fit a 120 gig SSD

    and spend more money on the graphics card . Radeon 7950 , GTX 670

    Use this link
    to work out an appropriate sized psu . You dont need 750 watt
  2. Thanks for advice, if I went for Radeon7950, any harm in sticking with the 750 PSU, just thinking of upgrading in future?

    Just looking at 7950's, there are quite a few, what's the difference between ASUS GIGABYTE RADEON etc etc? Thanks
  3. Usually the difference is the cooling system . The triple fan unit on the gigabyte is very quiet [ once you have turned the fans down ] and it still runs very cool

    There is no harm in buying a 750 watt psu but its probably wasted money . Each generation of hardware uses LESS power , so an upgrade of the graphics card in a year or so is unlikely to use more power
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