GPU fan spinning but no video out put.

hello, I recently built myself a new pc less then a week ago and I've had problems since! the computer was working perfectly for about a day then my computer stopped turning on and there was a high pitched noise coming from the psu so I thought it was that the was playing up, so I replaced the psu but still no luck this one didn't even show any life, so I tried the paper clip test which shown that both psu where working so I started to disassemble the pc connecting the 24 pin and 4 pin cables to my motherboard with nothing else on installed and the psu started the pc. I then started adding components one by one to try and figure out what was causing the fault, it turned out to be the front usb ports on my case causing a short (caused by my dogs tripping over my keyboard cable.) so happy that it was working I reinstalled all the components and turned it on and it had life! but it output to my TV so I had another problem. when I remove my GPU and connect the HDMI to my motherboard it all works fine. when I add the GPU neither work. any ideas?

System parts
AMD FX-4 4100 Black Edition 4 Core 3.6Ghz Socket AM3+ 8MB L3 Cache Retail Boxed Processor
Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333MHz XMS3 Memory Kit CL9 1.5V unbuffered
Alpine 700W Blue PSU - 12cm Fan 4x SATA
Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 760G Socket AM3+ VGA DVI HDMI 7.1 Channel Audio mATX Motherboard
Seagate 500GB 3.5" SATA-III 6Gb/s Barracuda Hard Drive 7200RPM 16MB Cache
Samsung SH-224BB SATA DVD Write Optical Drive | OEM
Asus GT 630 2GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card

as is said it was working perfectly before before the first problem now I'm just not getting anything from the graphics card any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Try re-seating the GPU, checking for debris in the PCI-E -- Ive seen a dust bunny fall into them before when removing/ installing components. Also, you may have reset your CMOS in the entire process, ensure in your BIOS that your display settings are taking PCI-E priority over onboard
  2. this has not helped at all =/ really wish that it would have because now im guessing the only solution is a new GPU or motherboard!
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