If i download the latest mobo bios version, will it be able to use ivy bridge?

If i download the latest version for my mobo bios, will it also come with the feature to use ivy bridge? The fact that is says "version P.1" is confusing me.
Pic related, its the latest version on top.

also it suggests to install via zip drive. i tried doing it and it said if i dont know what im doing to basically not do it. how do i assure nothing goes wrong? whats the worst that can happen?
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  1. P.1 is just the firmware version number, each manufacturer has different naming convention. You should be okay to upgrade to the lastest version as it should have rolled up older updates to the newer one. If you are fearful, do incremental updates, one bios version at a time.

    It always says not to do it if you're not familiar, just follow the manufacturers direction, though I can't guarantee if you will brick the board. So do it at your own risk. Afterwards, you should be able to use Ivy Bridge, but don't quote me on that because you didn't list your motherboard info.
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