PLEASE HELP!!! WHY IS MY GPU memory clock only at 533Mhz?

Please Help!
PC specs:
1X GTX 660 3GB
1X B75MA-P45 Mainboard
1X 8GB 1333 Mhz RAM
1X Intel i5 3,4 Ghz

In MSI Afterburner I can max my gpu memory clock to only 695 mhz! Default is 533 mhz, my core clock is 900 mhz. I should play Battlefield 3 on 1080p Ultra with 40-60 fps! But I only got 17 fps :( ! In BIOS my DRAM is max 266 mhz!!! PLEASE HELP!!! I think my memory clock is wrong programmed, thats only what I think it is.
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  1. have you ever play around with bios setting? if so just reset the bios. is it 2 x 4gb or 1x8gb for the ram?
  2. Have you tried doing a clean install of the card using driver sweeper and all before you install new drivers?

    Something is definitely wrong. Your memory clock should be 1500 mhz as far as I can figure.

    Edit: I also would think it has something to do with your BIOS settings. Is this a brand new build?

    Did you install the card in slot in the top (closest to the processor)?

    Also what PSU do you have?

    And did you check the memory clock while gaming?
  3. Sorry guys, everything is solved! It's because my Graphics card has DDR3 (Memory clock:533Mhz) That's strange.
  4. How do I reset my BIOS anyway?
  5. that depending on mobo. either playing with jumper or the easier way was to remove the bios battery temporarily. btw all gtx 660 use GDDR5. only low end cards still offering cards with ddr3 module. double check your card using gpu-z. i owned gtx660 as well. ( havent updated my signature yet). regular 660 should have 980 core clock (can be boosted to 1000+ by gpu boost). but depending on games the core might not running at full 3d clock which usually happen with game that are less demanding on gpu. as long as there is no performance issue with the game i don't see that as a problem.
  6. I searched on the internet like 3 months because I had low fps in gaming! Yes, my GTX 660 3gb is a DDR3! Do you want a screenshot of it? It's really weird that there are GTX 660 in DDR3.
  7. Well as far as I can find on the internet there shouldn't be any GTX 660 with DDR3... What brand is it? And yes I would like to see a picture :)

    Sounds pretty weird...
  8. Here you go: I dont know what brand I have, sorry
  9. that's really weird. also on the bandwidth. normal 660 have around 144gb/s while yours only around 25gb/s which is awfully low. other than that would be shader count. 660 has 960 shaders. but the gpu z only reporting 192 shaders which means there are 4 more shader cluster are missing. where did you get your 660? how much did you pay for it?
  10. Where did you buy this card. I'm starting to suspect you have a different card disguised as a 660:/..
  11. It could be well based on GK106 but a broken one ( hence gpu z still able to detect the core as GK106). This could be board partners decision to use the broken chip and make profit out of it. For example Sapphire did this back with HD4k series. They make and sell HD4860 using chip that don't quite make it into 4870 spec. But it seems this GTX660 are much more worse than that. If the report from gpu z are true this chip is almost completely broken. 4 cluster are disabled out of 5 that suppose to come with 660. And unlike 4860 the vendor still keep 660 moniker on this card. then paired the cheaper type of RAM (DDR3) with excessive amount on it in an attempt to make it stronger in the eye of buyer.
  12. I bought it from here: I know it's german, that's because I live in germany. I asked Toletec, they said that my GTX 660 3GB is a Ceap version! Exact the same like the GTX 560 3GB they were both DDR3! My PC is like 3 Months old and my graphics card is 1 week old because I had at the bginning the GTX 560 3GB DDR3 and it broke and they gave me the GTX 660 3GB DDR3! It'S really weird... I can Buy a card for max 90€ maybe after few Months a can affort a Grahics card for about. Should I buy a new Graphics card or Battlefield 4?
  13. both have comparable performance. if you want to play BF4 with high setting or much higher than that you're going to need better card. what is your gaming resolution?

    so there are really some sort of company take all the outright defective chip and make profit using it eh?
  14. ''so there are really some sort of company take all the outright defective chip and make profit using it eh?'' Yes, these companies know there are people who only know: ''Newest graphics card are always better!'' But my GTX 600 3GB proofs, that not every new graphics card are the best! So companies sell alot of Gpu's(graphics card) and alot of people are disappointed.

    I wish to play 1080p! So, what graphics card do I need to play on Ultra without AA/MSAA? Im gonna use Anti-Aliasing Post. It's nearly the same! If you dont know how it will be on BF4, then look at BF3! What graphics card can run BF3 on 1080p Ultra without AA/MSAA? AND OFCOURSE MINIMUM 40-45 fps!
  15. If you want a good graphic card you have to spent at least 140 euro.
  16. Oh you planing to play without aa The 550 ti can take it ultra 1080p without aa but your avrage fps will be around 30,35. I still recommand you to get some more money and buy a better card that can run all games on max like GTX 560 ti and Radeon HD 7850 or anything above that. Also dont buy 650 its crap.
  17. If you want to compare any cards go here but it may be a bit different at your pc then on theirs.
  18. right now we are not sure how demanding battlefield 4 will. all i know it will be using a new version of frostbite engine (3.0). will it be much more demanding than current iteration of frostbite engine (2.0) or a mere optimization on the engine with everything pretty much look the same no one knows. but if bf3 are indication you're going to need good card if you want to run the game on ultra with good frame rates especially on MP. the exact GTX660 or HD7850 is the base to start with.
  19. Oh my ********************* Last week I saw a GTX 560 ti GDDR5 for only 75€! And now its gone!SOLD! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... nevermind. Well, looks like I'm going to look for an GTX 660 or an TI version of it. I knew the GTX 660 TI is an awsome card but it's expensive! I'll have to collect money than, I hope I can buy a GTX 660 ti after few months! Ok, Thanks guys!
  20. Radeon 7850 CORE EDITON is still a great chose if you dont want to save up to the GTX 660
  21. I know, but Nvidia has Physx! AMD/ATI use cpu for physx, and the cpu doesn't give much performance for the physx ): I want physx through the gpu.
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