Two versions of graphics card (gtx 680), one is boosted, would both reach same max point with OC?

So I found a cheap version i'm hopefully gonna get (the slower one), I don't know much about graphics cards, so would I be able to push mine to a similar level that the other one could be pushed to when overclocked, or would mine suffer a little from not having the base overclock? (1137mhz) (1058mhz)


Also, just out of curiosity, is there any site which will recommend the ideal overclock for cards? I would have thought most end up quite similar with their max levels, but I've never found anything for my current one (5770)
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  1. Yeah, they should both be able to hit generally the same overclocking ballpark. The quality of the chip itself and the cooling system will ultimately determine the top end overclock. So with those two examples you gave, the one with three fans theoretically will hit a higher turbo boost clock due to cooler temperatures. The quality of the chip is less predictable though, and one that just doesn't like to overclock as much will throw off the results regardless of the heatsink design.

    I like,,, and for good places to get an idea of what the pros are getting on their overclocks.
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