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My PC for the past 6 months has been plagued by small, seemingly irrelevant issues that rather than stopping me using the computer all together, just simply stop me doing things efficiently, make me take the long way round and generally prevent my computer being easy to use and with enjoyment. I have 2 hard drives, one (which is my main drive) which is a terrabyte and another (sorta my back up) which is 500gb. My question is this: Can I safely back up the files I would like to keep (Music, Films etc..) onto my secondary hard drive, and completely re-install Windows 7 onto my primary hard drive, safely without losing my data on the D Drive? I would root out each problem but quite simply a) I don't know how and b) there are just too many. I understand that this is extreme but I think it would be for the best...

Many Thanks
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  1. Yes, this can be done, and it is actually done quite often. Be aware that you will have to reinstall all your programs and games regardless of which drive they are on. If you are a gamer, back up your game saves as well as documents. pictures, and videos. This way you won't have to start your game's progress all over again
  2. One way to make sure that you lose nothing on the D drive is to disconnect it before reinstalling Windows 7 and then reconnecting the drive once Windows 7 is installed.
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