hello i am looking for a good budget gamepc. my budget is around €500-€700

I hope i can get a good game computer with nvidia gtx 660 and Intel i5 or i7

Any suggestions?
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  1. If your going on a budget an I7 is a complete waste of money. Go for an I5 3570k, it can overclock like a beast if needed but even at stock speeds you wont bottleneck in most games. If your going for a gtx 660 go for a 600 ti, the extra cuda cores help alot in the long run. Where you wanna save money is your case nothing over prices is nessary.
  2. On a budget, go with an FX 6300 or 8320 and use the money saved to get a better gpu.
  3. Unless you want to bottleneck your gpu go with the 3570k. In most cpu inensive scenes fx cpus dip well below 60 fps, with an I5 3570k you will not, hell even a sandy bridge based 2500k would outpreform an 8320 in cpu intensive games.
  4. An FX with a better GPU will do better in games than an i5 with a lesser GPU. If you can afford to go all out, of course go Intel. For a small budget like the OP has, you go with AMD and get the better graphics card. An FX 63xx or 83xx is not going to bottleneck any single card GPU. Maybe a tri sli or quad crossfire would have some issues, but this budget wouldn't allow for that anyway.
  5. Unless you are using a 7950/670+ you will not bottleneck your gpu in almost every game.

    6300 is a very good budget option.
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