Hi could please answer two of my questions Would be very Great-ful

Hi i have recently put together a PC, my specifications are
:Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0(Ghz)
4gb of 800mhz Ddr2 ram
Radeon 6450 (gigabyte) 1gb version
optiplex755 motherboard
160gb 7200 HDD
Dell PSU(is compatible with MOBO)
so yes i recently built this computer it is similar to a dell optiplex755 but slightly modified and upgraded.
I think this is a problem with the Monitor but i am also slightly concerned that it could be a Graphics card problem.
After 10-30 mins of use , the monitor will flicker black , sometimes it acts like it is in stand-by mode(light goes orange instead of green for a sec), i have tried different resolutions and screen Hz rates (60-75 hz) and fiddled with Hardware acceleration and nothing helps.
i have the CCC (catylst control centre) and it works fine.

Though a stranger concern is somettimes when i put a video in full screen e.g.:youtube video,
i occasionally see little flicker-lines across the screen.
But aside from that the PC runs perfectly.
Thankyou very much
From Darby
P.S can u guys help me with a few other gaming questions :D thanks.i'm 13 :D
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  1. Do you have another monitor that you could hook up and try out? If that one shows problems too, then the graphics card could be the issue.

    If you don't have another monitor at your disposal, you could try taking out your graphics card and running on the integrated graphics (assuming your rig has integrated graphics...I can't seem to find this anywhere). If you still have problems, it can't be the radeon card.
  2. thanks
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