Does this board any good?

I need User/owner experiences for this particular board

I've been building PCs for my clients since 2000,I am more than happy with ASUS & MSI boards even with direct Intel boards. And satisfactory experience with gigabyte boards.but i have the worst & nightmare experience with ASRock boards. every time i build a PC with this brand there is I built pcs without asrock almost a year. had a wonderful & friutful year for my job. but next Sunday i had to build a b75 i3-3220 PC of my client so i picked this board because MSI B75ma-p45 boards are not available currently in my area.

So kindly share your opinions with me,that i can confidently build this rig to him.All the parts are bought already only waiting for the board to be delivered.
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  1. Yes you should have no problems with this motherboard only one thing I would have you do tho when you or if you update the bios use a usb flash drive...
    Just trust me on this one....
    But other than that it is a very good motherboard. I have one for my lil brother and he has had no problems with it.

    Although the on-board sound isn't as good as you may want to get a sound card like a cheap one to replace the on-board audio...
  2. That is sure bad luck. Lots of people use Asrock with no issues. shows zero 1 star reviews so that is a good thing.

    I have also had no issues with Asrock so far.
  3. I have 4 Asrock boards . 0 issues.
  4. thank you all for the replies
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