is the hd 6870 crossfire any good ? will i be able to play any game maxed out with this crossfire ?

i recently upgraded my pc with two hd 6870s, aint tried them yet as im waiting for the pcie power leads. jus wanted to ask people what they think about these in crossfire and if they will be able to handle any game. thanks in advance
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  1. they will be easily be able to handle any game at max settings at 1080p.
  2. hi, thanks for your reply. that reply made my day lol. do i need to like tweak or set anything when i switch the computer on ?
  3. just update your graphics to the latest drivers and your bios also to latest version and you should be fine
  4. i can update graphics drivers but how do i update bios drivers, i have a asus maximus v gene motherboard ?
  5. would i be able to play crysis 3 maxed out on ultra
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