Help choosing right case for H100i (or suggest another water cooler+case) Budget: 500$


Few days ago i asked help to choose right component for my new pc,

I bought i5 3570k, Ashock extreme4 motherboard.

Now I need to choose a good Water Cooling system & A good case to fit it.

I think to get the h100i as so far it look like the easiest one to use & the most reliable.

I need help to choose a good case for it, I want to use it on top, with 2 fan pushing down and 2 fans pushing up(4 fans setup) , I will buy 2 additional fan's for the h100i..

Choosing the right case seems very hard, i do not want to do any modification to the case, i want it to work.

If anyone can help me to choose right case for h100i push & pull i would very much appreciate.

Budget: 500$ for water cooling and case.
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  1. The h100i seems to be the best closed loop water cpu cooler. I would stick with that.

    As for the case, there are a few I would recommend.
    First, the nzxt phantom 820. $250, and great specs. You may not like the aesthetics, though.

    Second, the corsair 800D (if you really want to go big, there's always the 900D). $275 for the 800D, $375 for the 900D. Both are clean, sleek, roomy, and feature packed.

    Third, the thermaltake level 10 gt. $290, interesting design, and rather unique. Once again, you may not like the aesthetics.

    I would go with the phantom 820, but it's really your call. Be aware, though, that the 800D doesn't have usb 3.0, so if that's important to you, choose a different case.
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