Display port to HDMI cable 120hz plz help :)

Hi guys. I got a quick question. plz help me if u can. i own samsung's monitor which is this one amzn.to/14QQOSY in the product description it was sayin 120hz monitor but this monitor doesnt have any displayport input, instead it has 2 HDMI input one of them is used for DVI which is for monitor usage. im planing to get custom made laptop that has Nvidia GTX680 on it and laptop will have displayport output. my question is can i get 120hz by using this conversion tool amzn.to/ZaRVo9 with 1.4a HDMI cable ? would it be possible ? Thank u very much for ur time and help. sorry for my poor english :)

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  1. Could link the monitor? 120hz monitors should have at least 1 dual link DVI-D or Displayport, but it is possible it supports HDMI 1.4b, which can support 120hz, but I've never seen one yet, but there will be a first.
  2. hi bystander. thank u very much for ur reply i putted link for monitor above but i guess u didnt see it. anyway :) here is the link for monitor. amzn.to/14QQOSY (shorten URL) and this is link for conversation tool amzn.to/ZaRVo9

    Thank u very much.
  3. Are you sure that is 120hz? I see no mention of it anywhere. Every place I look shows nothing about it being 120hz. The glasses shown on the box appear to be passive. I do not believe it is possible to get 120hz on that monitor.

    EDIT: I have seen some customer reviews that mention they could use 120hz with displayport. It may also be possible to use dual link dvi-d if there is a connection for it. There may be two slightly different models, the one that mentioned the displayport ended was Samsung T27A750DSz.
  4. yea im sure cos on the official website of samsung one guy was mentionin about 120hz in his review he was sayin like amazing top quality 120hz bla bla :) also it was in product description. but this monitor is not on samsung's official webpage anymore they removed everything reviews, product specs etc. since they stopped producing it also it is old model now. to be honest im kinda lost i ve no idea how tht can be possible :) thanx for reply btw
  5. The one review I saw that matched up with what you said, had used Displayport to connect to it.
  6. so short for long if my monitor 120hz can i get it via HDMI with tht conversation tool ? thanks for ur help mate really appreciated.
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