Do you have to be a genius to become a computer software engineer?

Do you have to have an IQ of 150+ (particularly a math genius) to be a computer software engineer? Do you have to have a degree in mathematics?

I have very poor math skills and was given a lot of assistance with the subject in high school, so software engineer probably isn't a good option for me.
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  1. Math is a much larger subject than what most schools teach. There is a lot of math that has little to do with actual numbers and more to do with concepts.

    I also have issues with math when it comes to crunching numbers, but I can understand concepts.
  2. Kewlx25 is right. Maths sometimes is more about concepts and thoughts of modeling than the numbers. If you can understand the spirit of maths enough, you got it. Numbers operations can be left to calculators. LOL...
    Nevertheless, it's said that a guy with better knowledge of maths is easier to gain proficiency in programming, which, is the core of software engineering.
    However, anything is possible. It's not necessary to get stucked by maths. Believe in yourself.
  3. The best programmers I've ever worked with are self-taught. You can be a strong programmer without taking high-level calculus courses or even being good at "math". As others have mentioned, programming is more about understanding concepts and logic, so if you can train your brain to think about problems conceptually you'll do just fine.

    On the other hand, I will mention that if you're considering a software engineering degree from a university, there will be LOTS of required math courses. In today's formal education environment, there's really no way to avoid it. Fortunately you don't need a software engineering degree to be a programmer though :)
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