SSD and HDD defragmentation. Need clarification.

Hello, everyone.

I just read this in an article by Alex Castle on PCWorld’s website:

“If you’re using Windows Vista, 7, or 8, the operating system automatically defragments itself once a week, late at night. Just search for “disk defragmenter” in the Start menu or Start screen and click the result if you want to see when the process runs. If, however, you’re still using Windows XP, you need to manually defragment every couple of weeks or so using the built-in defragmenter (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter). However, you’ll want to disable Windows’ automatic disk defragmenting if your machine contains a solid-state drive. Fragmented data doesn’t slow down SSDs because of the way they read and write information—in fact, hardware manufacturers say that defragging adds unnecessary wear that can reduce the life span of an SSD. So in this case, turn it off!”

I was under the impression that Windows recognizes SSDs as solid state technology and does not automatically defrag SSDs. So what’s the truth here? Does Windows automatically defrag an SSD containing your OS?

Also, in addition to my SSD (which contains my OS), I have three HDDs---two internal and one external. Does Windows automatically defrag these drives, or does it only defrag the C-drive?

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  1. Why not just check your task scheduler and find out? I know my win7 defrags the HDD's once a week. It was set this way automatically after I installed the OS.

    I'm not sure if it disables it for SSD's automatically. This feature may have been added in SP1 or some other update. I'd just check the task scheduler and enable/disable as needed.

    Disable automatic defrag for SSD drives

    Windows 7 usually detects SSD disk after this has been installed or connected and integrates it properly. This also includes the detection that some services are disabled, which would restrict the functionality, performance and service life of the drive. First of all, you should check whether the automatic defragmentation is disabled. This is not the case, you should disable the automatic deactivation for the disc manually.

    Note: If you disable automatic defragmentation, this applies to all connected drives. If you use conventional hard drives in addition to the SSD drive in your PC, you should manually start the defragmentation on a regular basis for these drives.
  2. When you run WEI (Windows Experience Index), Windows automatically disables defrag on all SSDs it detects.
  3. Good info. Many thanks.
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