Don't know whether I should get a 1080p monitor or not.

Hello, first post >.<, Currently I have a 1360x768 monitor and it looks fine to me, but I hear from so many people that 1080p looks so much better. The thing that worries me is whether I'll be able to maintain 60fps in everything I play, which I can currently.
System Specs:
Intel i7 2600k at 3.4 turbo boost to 3.8GHz
8GB ddr3 1333MHz Memory
Nvidia GTX 680
2x 1TB 7200RPM 6.0GB/S HDDs
700w PSU

So right now in bf3, I get about 65-95fps on ultra, and about 65-59 while recording with dxtory. Obviously I won't get the same framerate, but if I can maintain at least 55fps while playing normally then that would be okay. So can anyone make a guess for me? Thanks in advance.
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  1. You are worrying too much. You have one of the best gpus out there. I run 2560x1440 on a 7870. Get a better monitor. That card would even run 2560x1600 fine.
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    If you are looking for an upgrade it's a good move, but not necessary if you like what you already see.
  3. u will be able to run battlefield in ultra with about min of 50 to 60 fps with no problem its one of the best gpus and the processor is great too dont worry
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