Can someone help me build a compatible PC?

Can someone help me build a compatible PC?

I am building a new pc and i have chosen 2 part but i want some help making them compatible

My budget is £400 as i live in UK

parts so far:
AMD fx- 6300 £105.00 or so
AMD Radeon HD 7770 1gb £88.00 or so

I would also like 8Gb of decent ram but windows doesnt have to be included. If you can keep to budget than a better graphics card would be useful

It is for light gaming

sorry for poor phrasing am new to forums and asking questions
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  1. At the top of the forum is a thread about how to ask for advice .

    Right now we dont even know what you will use this pc for ..................
  2. sorry its if light-medium gaming
  3. batuchka said:

    and are you sure all these parts are compatible with each other if so where was that list?
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