Re-use Compaq Presario 5345 Case?

Hi everyone,

I have this 10+ years old PC, I really like the case, because it is still sturdy even though it lakes all the front panel ports.

But when I opened it, I found its power switch pins are not in pairs, it is in a horizontal format, Could anyone help me if that computer case could be re-used without buying new power switch?

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  1. You can use the factory switch on a new board. You may have to clip the HP plug apart or put a new plug on there. Remember the power switch on a PC is just a simple shorting of two pins together... Any Momentary switch connected to two wires hooked to the pins on the motherboard will work. i start boards on the bench with a paper clip or fingernail clippers all the time.
  2. here:

    Depin the old plug and slip it into this...

    Or buy this as well:

    And cut and crimp the wires on yourself..
  3. Thanks AlderonnX,

    I will clip apart the old plug first to see if it works! I just need it to be able to start/shut off the machine after I upgrade it!...
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