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Hi guys i finally got around to making my os 64bit and so i wanna get more ram
I have 4gb and i will either get another 4 or 8gbs to make it 8 or 12

but im not sure about it working on my my
mobo GA-P55-UD3
Cpu: i5 750

will any of these work im not very familiar with memory sorry :(

and do you think ill benefit that much from having 12gb rather than 8gb oh and can i even do that thanks guys
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  1. Hello. :sourire:

    Yes, either another 4GB or 8GB along with the existing memory will work fine (4GB). Yes, the kingston and corsair brand memory are sure to work but not the Gskill 4GB kit as it does not support p55 Chipset motherboards while I cannot confirm about the GSkill 8GB kit since the Manufacturer part number isn't clear. But I believe the 8GB kit also does not support the P55 Chipset just like the 4GB kit.

    Well, improvement in performance of above 4GB can be noticed well if you are working on large files, video rendering, 3D Modelling, CAD, gaming and so on. So if you think you are into this line of work then above 8GB is essential or anything between 8GB will do just fine.

    You can find memory at lower rates in the following in the site.
    Memory for Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3 Motherboard

    Good luck with the upgrade!! :)
  2. Any time you mix sets of DRAM it can be problematic, especially when mixing sets of different brands, or different voltages (the Kingstons are 1600, but spec voltage is 1.65 opposed to the other sets at 1.5. Also keep in mind that XMP works BY THE PACKAGED set, so it won't work with mixed sets, even of the same exact model as advanced timings will differ (especially tRFC) with different number of sticks...just because a set indicates it's rated for a chipset doesn't really mean anything - and as far as the GSkill sticks, the Ripjaws X line was actually brought out aimed at the Sandy Bridge CPUs, but they work fine with basically everything. I'd suggest a minimum of a 2x4GB set - so you'll have a min of 8GB - and can try to add your existing sticks, if you go GSkill, you can get help on their forums, I've had good luck mixing the sets on the various P55 mobos
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