Will AMD Fx 6100 and ASUS geforce gtx 650 ti bottleneck.

I have 500w psu
Gigabyt 78 lmt usb 3 mother board
fx 6100 6 core
geforce 650ti 1gb
will this configuration bottllneck my pc ??
how can i checck my pc wheatr it is stable or not ??
and i want to do a decent overclock to my processor like for 3.3 ghz i want to do it 3.7 ghz is it possible on stock ??
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  1. it will not bottleneck at all.you are fine
  2. no problem you can over clock by increasing cpu bandwith by 2 or 3. amd by increasing multiplier . it dosent bottle neck
  3. ASHISH65 said:
    it will not bottleneck at all.you are fine

    thankyou :)

    btw i was just playing crysis 3 on my pc not at all on ultra settings i got an unexpected shutdown...i dont know why ?
  4. make sure you have branded psu
  5. ASHISH65 said:
    make sure you have branded psu

    i have iball psu 500w
  6. Get a PSU from a reputable company like corsair or seasonic.
  7. forget that crap iball,it can also damage gpu.

    - http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/power-supply-cabinets-mods/147389-power-supply-blacklist-thread-newbies.html

    i suggest corsair cxv2 430w @rs 2600
  8. I also have have fx6100 and 650ti 2 gb ...but I am experiencing stuttering .....I have cooler master 500 w psu which I bought 4 years ago .....and CPU and gpu were recently bought ......also have 8gb ddr3 ,,,,,but I can't fix stuttering ....is that my psu....or something else.....
    Any help would be appreciated ....
  9. Stuttering in what games? What are your temps? You could be thermal throttling.
  10. In far cry3 ,crysis3,simcity5', etc ,,,,,,,,temps are gpu idle 39 and while playing game around 65 ....and what is thermal throttling?
  11. If your processor is getting too hot, it will back off on speeds to avoid damaging the chip. What are your cpu temps?
  12. 28 idle and around 40-50 while gaming....only simcity5 is orignal and rest are copied games
  13. I have cooler master 500w psu
  14. Coolermaster PSU's are pretty hit and miss. I would probably consider replacing it with a Seasonic or Corsair. Have you done virus scans, disk cleanup and disk defrag lately?
  15. Ya I had done virus scan ,disk clean ....I also have doubt in my psu as it is 4 years old ....I will be replacing it .....can u suggest me a good psu ..not too expensive ,,,,a decent one .......thanks for helping me ........one more thing today I noticed that stuttering mostly happens in cutscenes in the game.....and are there any graphic performance differnce if I buy legit game or download it from torrents ....
  16. But I can't understand I have around 40fps in crysis3 and there are sudden fps drop causing lag ....is that game faulty or something wrong here ?
  17. Depends on what settings you are running. For PSU, Seasonic 520w or better or a Rosewill Capstone series PSU.
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