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Upgraded desktop and mouse + keyboard stopped working properly

I recently upgraded my desktop with a new motherboard, processor and hard drive. I re installed windows 8 64 bit on the HDD, licensed the software and began downloading and re installing my applications but after about five minutes began to notice my wireless USB keyboard and mouse were intermittently failing.

The mouse is fine about 50% of the time, otherwise it will be slow, laggy, not click or just not do anything at all.

The keyboard is fine about 70% of the time, otherwise most key strokes are ignored or massively delayed.

It has now reached the point where I can no longer use the desktop.

What have I tried so far:
Reinstalling windows 8
reinstalling all motherboard drivers and installing Microsoft key board center
New keyboard and mouse (wired and wireless)
Replaced the motherboard fully
tested the HDD and memory - no errors.
Tried my old hard drive - still does it

My PC specs
AsRock 990FX Extreme3 Motherboard
AMD FX-Series FX-8120
8GB Corsair XMS3 (2x 4gb)
1GB HD 6870
Windows 8 64 bit
Microsoft 5000 keyboard + mouse

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be so glad to hear them!
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    There's a tutorial that might address this issue for you:

    Also, being a wireless setup, you might look into some of the issues related to USB detection and problems with the ports. Other users have reported issues of distance being a factor for wireless mice/keyboards with Windows 8 more than previous versions. (I know how ridiculous that sounds)

    Hope this helps!
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