Need to Build a Gaming Computer for £600

I need to build a good gaming computer with a Budget of £600. I know that it wont be anything that is top of the range but I've been told that some of the ready made gaming computers use components that cost half the price.

If anybody could point me in the right direction I'd be really grateful.
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  1. Well first you have to determine whether you want to build your own or get a prebuilt system. Here are the pros and cons for both.

    Pros for homebuilt
    -Individual parts are often cheaper due to deals and rebates.
    -Higher quality overall
    -Sense of accomplishment when you hear that post beep and the bios appears

    -can be more expensive as a whole
    -difficulty in the actual build
    -many different companies to deal with if there's an issue
    -there's way too many parts to choose from, and it can seem a daunting task

    Prebuild system pros
    -often cheaper as a whole
    -you don't have to build it
    -you only have to worry about dealing with the company that assembled the pc, not the companies that made the parts

    -they often skimp on the power supply and don't use a good brand
    -you don't get to decide what you want
    -you don't have a choice on the case (the most builder-specific component)
    -less options
    -doesn't make use of individual component's sales
    -usually comes with a really low end gpu

    Overall, I feel that building your own pc both gives you the system you want, and one that you can take ownership of, because you actually built it. If you find a good prebuilt pc at a nice price, that's great, and you should probably get it, but I like knowing what's in my case and that I put it there, not some anonymous person I don't know.
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