Affordable Intel Core i series CPU, PLEASE HELP!!!!

I need a CPU that I can get on EBay, in the Intel Core i3,i5,i7 ( that ca be overclocked) series, under $70 for Flight Simulator X 10. Now, FSX, is one of the most cpu hungry games in the gaming community. Graphics don't matter as much as the cpu. I am using FSX as a traoning tool outside of flying the Cessna, when I go to a foreign exchange program to Germany. Here are my specs:

ASUS P8P67 Pro motherboard
600W power supply
GT 520 Graphics (FSX is lowprofile)
500 GB hardrive
250 GB drive for FSX
DVD/R optical drive

Keep in mind, I got all the things above NEW for $175!

Hope you can help, thanks!

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  1. none of i3/5/7 costs below 70$
  2. The cheapest overclockable CPUs that will fit in that board are the 2500K & 3570K so there is no chance of getting one under $70. The cheapest i3 your board supports is an i3 2100 and its not overclockable and unlikely to be found even used under $100. For $70 you have to get a pentium G series only AMD chips at that price are overclockable (and need a different motherboard).
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