Gaming laptop around 1100-1200

So. i was wondering if i can get your help guys.
I am looking into buying a new laptop. gaming laptop, my budget is around 1100-1200 dlls.
The options i am considering are the y500 (sli, i7) or the gx60, the main thing i will do is gaming, so i dony care that much in other thing, such as blu ray, DVD,etc.
So, which one of these will have a better performance in gamming? i like to play demanding games on the high preset (thats why the i7 on the y500) (also the problem of the a10). Do you think that the actualizations of the gx60 drivers will help it to surpass its own performance? o should i go with the sli y500?
Also it has to be considered the capacity of being overclocked, because i read that the a10 reach 3.2 GHz
However, i am not that convinced about the msi gx60 because of its review on notebookcheck ( because if you compare the games it can run on high-utra settings are less than the ones that the y500 can (
So i dont Dont which one chose guys, i a little confused, if there are any others laptop that is goddd enought and is around the budget its also good.

(here is a channel with some videos about the msi gx60 )

Thank you in advance for reading this message.
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  1. Eeeeeeh. Gaming and laptop don't really go together at the price point you are looking at, given your needs of 'demanding games on high preset' then I would steer clear. Portability isn't really a benefit over a desktop in this instance, since once you game with it the power draw is enough for the battery to last for 5 minutes. Also, performance is non-existent, a desktop model 650 is a bottom of the barrel card, the 650m in the Lenovo laptop is even worse. For $1200 you could get an insanely powerful PC. Assuming you actually need a laptop you might be better served just buying a cheap notebook and then buying a proper gaming desktop.
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