Cannot connect to game servers but can connect to Skype and internet browsers.

I have recently been cursed with an issue that is blocking me from basically all of my multi player games like League of Legends and battlefield with error messages telling me I have connection issues or I cannot establish a connection to the server, I cant even update games like Diablo 3. I can get on steam no problem and just downloaded a game too. I would include screen shots too and show you but even the software I use to screen cap is blocked from uploading my pictures to the internet which is called gyazo. All I can say that has brought this on is that I recently, not right before this problem started, but I recently ran out of McAfee internet security and was temporarily unprotected for a day or two but now I'm covered with the Norton anit virus. I've tried disabling the firewall in Norton and that didn't work either. I can get on everything if I use another device like my laptop so I don't think it'a the router/modem firewall disabling me from accessing things, the problem seems to be living in my PC. I also just got a new USB network adapter but I don't think that's the cause as I have tried disabling it and using the wlan card in my motherboard.
ANY help of any kind will be of high service to me, even if you cannot help me I ask if you could kindly ask someone that you know with experience with internet isses, I'm very desperate as it's spring break and don't just want to be watching breaking bad all holiday :s
Thanks in advance
Update: Also I did an internet status test and here the results if you can detect any potential problem in there;
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  1. Okay, this problem just sort of fixed itself. I was running a system scan with malware bytes and it just came one suddenly and worked ;) I recommend that you run Malware bytes, should help :p
  2. give me a free answer :P
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