New PC , every game crashes

Hello, i just built my computer, installed everything fresh.

Whenever i try to play a game , it crashes after a couple minutes of playing, the game just close without any crash notes.

Heres my computer specs

video card: geforce gtx 660 ti
cpu: intel core i5-3570k
ram: 8gb

Games that crashes so far: CS:GO , DragonNest, Diablo 3

Things i have tried:

Re-install drivers
Reseat my hardware
Checked my DirectX

Im running out of options here do you guys know what this could be about?
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  1. Have you done any overclocking? If so, that would be a good suspect for the cause. Another to look at would be your PSU, did you go cheap and get a low quality one?

    If you haven`t oc`d and have a decent PSU in there, then check for overheating. Run some temp software while gaming and see how high you are getting. It could be your computer shutting itself down to protect itself from being cooked.

    edit: is your game just crashing, or is your entire computer shutting down? My answer is assuming your entire computer is shutting down.
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