Can 250W Power supply handle Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6570?

Below is a link to my Compaq Presario SG3350IL

Power Supply Unit
Model- ATX-250-12Z REV.:H5R
Input:- 100-127V~6A,200-240~3A 50/60 Hz
Output 250W MAX:- +12V---/14A , -12V---/0.8A
+5V---/25A , +5VSB---/2A Peak 2.5A
+5V&+3.3V 165W MAX , +5V&+12V 218W MAX

I want to fit a Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6570
Please Reply!!!!!
Thanks in Advance
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  1. I'm gonna say no. Just because the fact I was looking earlier at graphics cards and most PSU'S Need to be at least 400-450w.q
  2. I've been looking into this (near) exact scenario for a friend, there appears to be a lot of info on this topic. The card can run on a low profile system with a 250w psu, but without testing this I am hesitant to make a recommendation. The "min 400w" they slap on these cards is usually because they test them on a high end system with a lot of current being drawn to other components. Thus by including the higher power rating they can cover themselves if anything does go wrong.

    Sorry for necro, you've probably found an answer by now anyway
  3. Yes it will work, I was running a 7750 on a 220w psu, but I was also using an amd athlon x2 255 which sips power, and it was working fine for 6 months, till I upgraded to my recent rig. Long story short, unless you have a power hungry CPU, yes it will work.
  4. 6570, 6670, 7750 and lesser GPUs can run on every PSU. They consume less than 75W, and the rest of the computer consumes less than 80W. So yes, your PSU can handle 6570.
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