I am looking for a good video editing laptop for under $700!

Hey guys, I'm new here. I found this site whilst looking for a new laptop. I currently have an Acer Aspire 5300 series. I want/need to upgrade to a better laptop. I edit gaming videos and create montages on Adobe After Effects, but it runs so slow on my computer! So, I would appreciate it if someone could help me find a good computer. I need it to have a really good processor and graphics card with a lot of RAM (mine has 2GB, so maybe 6-8). That's really it; I don't know much about computers. Thanks!
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  1. Well welcome to the forums! (I'm a bit new myself :P)
    As for the laptop suggestion are you only using this for video editing? if so this may be the best pick for you
    It has duel graphics for that extra oomph and a quad core AMD CPU, which helps with video editing
    If you can afford to go $30 over this is the best you can do at that price range
    This laptop has about equal graphics capabilities as the previous laptop. But, since it has an Nvidia chipset with Cuda cores, this helps speed up performance in many programs such as Adobe photoshop (I Believe)
    But the biggest strength of this laptop is that it has an Intel i7 quad core cpu, and although you may think that this and the AMD cpu are the same since they are both 4 cores the Intel is much MUCH faster... roughly 2-3 times faster, the Intel is also much much better at gaming
    Hope this helped! (and sorry if its a bit confusing it's been a long day)
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