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Today I decided that since my laptop has got an HDMI output I will connect it to TV.I have the HDMI cable for my PS3 and i used that one.

I connected the HDMI cable in and nothing happened on tv.So i did some research and i found out that I should do some resoulution settings for the "secondary monitor".
Well here is where I messed up.I don't know exactly what I did but whenever I plug the HDMI to my laptop the laptop screen just goes blank(like deleting explorer.exe).Kinda hard to set anything up if you can't see what the hell you are doing.

So is there anything I can do?Like reseting the display settings to deafult or would that require complete factory reset?

Thank you for your answers. :)
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  1. You're okay, you've simply selected a single screen option in your graphics settings. You can unselect that under your display settings in control panel - if you cannot locate the option there or the option there looks to show proper settings, it may be under power settings (but I wouldn't think so)
  2. That is where the problem lies.I don't see anything but the background.Nothing opens.If I do alt+ctr+del it shows me nothing but a black screem...
  3. Capalinke said:
    That is where the problem lies.I don't see anything but the background.Nothing opens.If I do alt+ctr+del it shows me nothing but a black screem...

    Yipes, even with the HDMI unplugged? This will take a little time to go through step by step and I'll need to get my laptop out to do this (won't be til I get off work) - you can try restarting in safe mode (usually f8) before the operating system starts to load but I'm not sure about whether that'll get your graphics up.

    If anyone wants to jump this to walk the OP through restoring his display, NP
  4. Nahh.It works fine with the HDMI unplugged so the safe mode is not a choice since it doesn't support dual monitoring anyways...
  5. And you're sure you had the proper source selected on the TV? Try plugging in the HDMI (after you get to the log-in screen but before logging in) then go through all of your sources on the TV. See if you can't find a picture of some sort there. In the mean time, I'll get into my lappy and see what options are where (don't use it as much as I used to)
  6. Yep.I have only one HDMI input so no problem here.If I plug in the HDMI at the login screen things just go black :).
  7. I'm going to suggest trying a different HDMI cable. Is your laptop currently under warranty? What make and model?
  8. Well I'll don't see the point in trying a different HDMI cable since it is working fine with my PS3.It is under warranti and the model is Asus K55A.But there is nothing wrong with the computer only with the settings i madeand now i can't switched the mback.Plugged in a normal monitor couple of hours ago and it worked fine.I screwed up with the settings and now I'm wondering what can be done so that it will work :).And thank you for all your replies :P
  9. There is a bit of reading here but I think this should cover your situation at least I hope so - check it out, see if your solution is listed
  10. for most laptops the function key (fn) and f8 will connect to a secondary monitor or projector...

  11. For me it is fn + F5 and i tried that as soon as the problem occured.Unfortunately nothing helps me on that link you gave me.Is there a possibility that i could reset the computer settings to default without doing factory reset?And if i set another admin account on the laptop would that account had the default settings?
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