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I know this question must get asked a lot but bear with me. I am getting into PC gaming as i am no longer interested in consoles and most of my friends play PC.
So my question is, 670 or 680? I want to be able to max out games for at least the next couple of years and I am happy to overclock if necessary. To me the 680 sounds better for this reason but the price is a lot more than the 670. So should i buy the more expensive 680 but be more future proof, or get the cheaper but still future proof (not as much) 670?
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  1. The most expensive card on the market, or the card with the highest number, will always be more future proof than a lower/cheaper card.
  2. Get a 7970 Ghz Edition. Faster and cheaper than the 680...


    It comes with 2 games free...

    If you are using a 1080p or larger resolution monitor, the 670 won't future proof.
    So either the 7970 Ghz or pay more for the 680 if you insist on an Nvidia card.
  3. I believe the 7970 would last you longer. It has an extra GB of VRAM, which will become necessary for newer games with heavy textures, and performance is similar to that of the 680.
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