Blue Screen on initial windows install.

Hi, I recently purchased a new mobo/cpu/ram/hdd and now I blue screen on the initial windows setup (right after the setup files) with the 0x0000007B error. After reading up on this it seems many have switched the hard drive setting to compatibility/IDE in BIOS as a solution. This has not worked for me. I should also note that I foolishly connected my 1394 to a USB on the mobo. Everything looks normal in BIOS, the hdd is recognized in there. If I damaged the SB chip would the hdd still show up in bios? Does anyone have experience with this problem. Please help, thanks.

Additional Info:
AMD FX-6100
ASUS m5a97 r2.0 amd3+
G.skill ripjaws series 8gb (2x4gb)
seagate barracuda ST320DM000
windows xp 64

Sorry work filters are acting funny and I couldn't quote your response, I am not able to try the repair function of windows as I believe this option comes after the setup files correct? It blue screens right after the setup files. Thanks for the quick response.
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  1. Hi, Try inserting an Windows DVD and choosing Windows Repair.
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