Keyboard mod idea - good or not?

Hey guys,
So I was thinking about modding a keyboard by painting it and was wondering if you guys thought it looked cool or if I could use a different approach, such as vinyl. I've made a shoddy design plan in publisher (link here: It's based on the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition ( Some of you may question my decision in going Razer but it's the only tenkeyless with MX blues than I could find in the UK for under £90, otherwise I would have went with the Quick Fire Rapid.

As the Razer BW's key caps can't be replaced, do you think I could get the blank keys through dying the keys black with some RIT dye? What are other ways I could go about achieving the blank look as well as a glossy white on the Razer BW's otherwise matte finish, would some ordinary rustoleum spray paint work?
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  1. you can paint keyboards and have them turn out rather nice however be prepared to spend some time at it.

    a short to do:

    -sand keyboard to prepare for painting
    -wet sand
    -wet sand
    -seal coat
    -(optional second coat)
    -buff to gloss

    you can get a near mirror shine on the keyboard and it looks quite good indeed.

    keep in mind this works best when you can remove the casing from the keyboard. trying to do anything with the keyboard assembled is asking for trouble.


    are you sure the keycaps are not removable? i thought blue mx keyswitches were standard and that the keys all pop off with cross shaped stems. you may need a keycap puller.

    rit dye would probably work. you will want to remove the keycaps though.


    as for what paint to use, look at some other professiona modding jobs and what paint they use.

    if you think just spray painting it with some rustoleum is going to turn out good you will be sorely dissapointed. spray paint can turn out very good but you need to use the right paint and the right finishing techniques.
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