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Hey guys,
So I was thinking about modding a keyboard by painting it and was wondering if you guys thought it looked cool or if I could use a different approach, such as vinyl. I've made a shoddy design plan in publisher (link here: It's based on the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition ( Some of you may question my decision in going Razer but it's the only tenkeyless with MX blues than I could find in the UK for under £90, otherwise I would have went with the Quick Fire Rapid.

As the Razer BW's key caps can't be replaced, do you think I could get the blank keys through dying the keys black with some RIT dye? What are other ways I could go about achieving the blank look as well as a glossy white on the Razer BW's otherwise matte finish, would some ordinary rustoleum spray paint work?
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