WTS EVGA 02G-P4-2670-KR GeForce GTX 670 2GB

Hey all I'm looking to unload a brand new EVGA gtx 670 2g 02G-P4-2670-KR.

This card was purchased and wasn't powerful enough to run the monitors I have hooked up. I went out of state for a while on business. Figured I could return it to newegg when I returned, well Im just outside of their return time. So I figured I might try to sell it on here.

All of the packaging is missing, but the card is in perfect condition.

asking $340 + shipping
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  1. Price is negotiable.
  2. If its brand new as you have it listed it should have all packaging/manuals/extras. Since it is new you still have all the digital codes (World of tanks/PS2/Hawken) available to the buyer? If so I may make an offer
  3. I never received anything for any of those titles. But like I said the price is negotiable to compensate. The wife threw out all of the packaging when I was away.

    It's just the card unfortunately.
  4. It was installed and the PC booted its only a month old.
  5. Raxus2013 said:
    It was installed and the PC booted its only a month old.

    ahh...then its used (like new) which is a huge difference from brand new. Its used, and used 670's get about 280-300 for the reference cards as yours is. Sorry =/ Id rather stick with getting the same card refurbed from EVGA for $310 shipped.
  6. do you have a link to a $310 refurbed card? I checked around, didn't see one.
  7. also, i did say the price was negotiable so...
  8. I would take 300 + shipping for it. US only
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