New Build : AMD/Intel, PCIe 2.0/3.0, Mobo and GPU some technical queries

So I already have an i5 build running 3 way eyefininty on 7970 dual crossfire on the MVF mobo.

I was thinking of upgrading the mobo to something with a plx chip since over time I have added a Xonar phoebus sound card and going to go tri-crossfire on the 7970's. I am still not sure but I think the mobo's PCIe lanes are going to bottleneck me in a x8/x8/x4 config + the soundcard (in the PCIe x4 topmost lane slot) which I am unsure but I think may also be compounding the problem.

This would also require me to upgrade my PSU since when I had started the build the intention was never to turn it into the beast it eventually has become.

But looking at the economics I am now thinking maybe I should be doing a separate AMD Vishera build. So here are my questions......

I am aware there is a debate on PCIe 2.0 vs 3.0 with conflicting reports of "no significant" improvements to "better 3.0 on multi monitor setups". So is this really going to bottleneck a 3 way 7970 crossfire or a dual 7990 crossfire ? (with a soundcard in tow)

Also with an AMD there is some amount of future proofing scope unlike intel which has a new chipset every 6 months. As I understand for gaming the i5 will outdo the fx8350 OC'd. But my goal here is to get 60-70fps at 5670x1080 res. in all current gen games (crysis 3, tombraider, BF4 etc.) not to break any records. By that logic wouldnt a 7970 trifire just brute force the fps on the games or would the Fx8350 and the PCIe 2.0/3.0 lanes on the mobo bottleneck ? ("future proof" and "none to mild overclocks" being the key words here)

The idea would be to swap some stuff from my i5 to the new build and use the AMD build on the eyefinity setup and relegate the i5 to HTPC duties.

So with the above in mind Should I upgrade the i5 or do a separate AMD build ? And if I do go an AMD build, whats the best mobo that you can recommend for my requirements (7970 trifire + soundcard) ???

The build is primarily for gaming, some video encoding, some photoshop editing, music and word processing with some amount of future proofing required.
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  1. first of all, your system looks top notch enough so that you dont need to add anything.

    second, adding a phoebus sound card to your system is stupid. the thing that people buy the maximus v formula for is the high end onboard sound. getting another sound card is completely useless

    also, crossfire after 2way (or SLI) has pretty crappy scaling not to mention the fact that crossfire is highly prone to runt frames (frames that are incomplete, therefore not a true frame). what you supposedly getting in fraps (lets say 70fps) may only be 35fps as half of the frames are runts.

    and fourth, getting a plx board doesnt help much. they are only really intended for super high end workstations or record breakers. to a general consumer, if you were thinking about 3way (which is a waste 100% of the time if you ask me), you should have picked up x79

    therefore, dont bother with a upgrade. there is no upgrade to your rig. throwing another card at it might seem to help, but it wont do too much
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