planning to build a pc gaming, help me!

Just bought the Asus V LE Plus.Thinking to buy this
:Intel i5 3570k
Corsair Vengeance 16 Gb 1600 Mhz
Corsair Builder series 600W
GeForce GTX 660 Ti
Samsung SSD 840 pro 128 Gb
Western Digital or Seagate 1 Tb 7200 rpm SATA 6.0 64 Mb
Samsung dvd 24x

Please tell me if all that stuffs are compatible! & accept any recomendation! Also wanted to know if it would fit on any Mid Tower case.

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  1. you can get by with only 8GB of RAM - GTX 670 FTW+ - perhaps get the OCZ V4 instead of the Samsung - WD black
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    One thing that I see that is missing is an aftermarket cooler. I would suggest the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo.

    You only really need 8 GB of RAM.

    If you can afford it, get the GTX 670. If you cant afford it, buy the AMD Radeon HD 7950 Boost over the 660ti.
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