Introducing the Tutorial Feature!

It is with great pleasure that I now introduce to the community at large the new Tutorial feature!

Tutorials allow you to quickly respond to frequently asked and very common questions you encounter by swiftly adding a canned response that directs a user to a tutorial you've created. We hope this feature will expand the abilities of some of our most prolific experts and make life easier when answering.

Check out the first Tutorial (a Tutorial tutorial, no less!) below.

How to Write a Tutorial Tutorials are recurring solutions to commonly asked questions that are readily available for inclusion as a response in thread replies. Any user can create a tutorial and provide a link to it for speedily answering questions on the forum. To... See full content
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  1. Hi Joe :)

    There is NO comments section below the bottom of that Tutorial FAQ...

    Out of interest, is there a Badge or BA if a Tutorial is used multiple times ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. It's brand new, and we're still working a few of the kinks out, naturally. Also a known issue is the forum drop-down from a tutorials page, but that will be addressed shortly.

    As for the BA, let me get back to you on that regarding the specifics. I know I had spoken at one point with the developer about this, and that tutorials should count towards BA's for the author *and* for the poster if they are used to respond to questions and receive a BA, but I need to double-check on this.
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