Looking or a new motherboard for my alienware area-51

Hello everybody, I just killed my alienware area 51 0xdj4c msi-7543 motherboard. To be precise I did kill my motherboard cmos by making a bad update. P.S. If somebody knows what bios chip hosts I'd be thankful. Could you tell me another, more modern motherboard I could replace to this old one if I don't succeed into replacing cmos? Thank you.
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  1. Best I can tell, you have an LGA 1366 motherboard. This is bad. Its an older socket, and one that was designed to support a wide variety of CPUs. They are still sold, but at very high prices ($300+) and apparently aren't ATX. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007627%20600007887&IsNodeId=1&name=LGA%201366 .

    Assuming your case is an ATX form factor (including m-ATX or i-ATX), a better option would be to buy a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM.
  2. new CPU and ram? I have Intel i7 980x and 3 x 4GB DDR3 Samsung RAM. Should I buy new stuff? °.ç
  3. Alberto Scorrano said:
    new CPU and ram? I have Intel i7 980x and 3 x 4GB DDR3 Samsung RAM. Should I buy new stuff? °.ç

    If you can get your motherboard to work again, probably not. If you can't... replacing that motherboard might be difficult. So difficult, it might make sense to buy a more commonly used motherboard type, like the LGA 1155. Doing so would also require you to buy a new CPU and RAM. You would be able to reuse the GPU, PSU, Case, HD, OS, etc.

    Hopes that clarified things for you. As new technology comes along, it doesn't always play nice with the older technology.
  4. Oh well, thanks, I understand now. Thing is I already called alienware support, they told me they can replace my mobo with a new one so I thought instead of buying the same I could reach something more modern hehe. Anyways can you tell me where exactly bios chip is in my mobo: this is a pic: http://img08.taobaocdn.com/bao/uploaded/i8/T15kjlXaBdXXXe1eTX_085053.jpg As I bricked the CMOS with a wrong bios I'd like to replace cmos instead of buying a new mobo -.-
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